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The Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV), founded in 1993, is a Turkish non-governmental organization which has vast research, program development, program implementation and advocacy experience in early childhood, parenting education and women literacy/empowerment. Through strategic partnerships, ACEV has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries with its scientifically-based training programs.

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Work Environnment

As an EU candidate, Turkey still has 4.863.000 illiterates, 3.896.716 of which are women. Migration and gender roles are among the important reasons behind the illiteracy and low level of female schooling.

In Turkey, increasing the literacy levels not only in terms of quantity, but also in quality is needed. Currently there is limited variety of services to address the growing needs of these different target groups. The growing need occurs because required literacy proficiencies continue to become more sophisticated.

Apprenticeship and Non-Formal Education Directorate is responsible from the Adult Education in Turkey.

AÇEV has been working in the field of female literacy and women’s empowerment since 1995 and has developed and implemented a number of innovative programs in these areas, reaching 90,000 illiterate women across Turkey to date.

AÇEV decided to develop the Functional Adult Literacy Program (FALP) in 1995, beginning with a comprehensive assessment of current literacy program methodology and implementation strategies. A team of academicians and practioners then developed a program that would serve as a more effective alternative to current literacy courses, targeting the broadest group of illiterates: girls and women.

AÇEV signed a protocol agreement in 1995 with MONE Directorate of Non Formal Education and Apprenticeship and all literacy activities have been conducted under the framework of this partnership.

The program began in İstanbul and has been implemented in 20 different provinces of Turkey between 1995-2010. We have developed two levels of Adult Literacy Program; Functional Adult Literacy Program (FALP) and Advanced Literacy and Access to Information Program. Both programs have been implemented through a collaboration agreement with Ministry of Education, Apprenticeship and Nonformal Education Directorate.

Mainly the Advanced Literacy and Access to Information Program aims improving the literacy skills of the new literates, improving their quality of life, encouraging them to use their literacy skills in daily life, showing them methods to access to information, how to use information efficiently, and teaching basic science, social, math and civil rights.

AÇEV is newly implementing Reading Days Program as a supplementary to other two Adult Literacy programs. They will improve their reading speed which in turn will have a direct effect on their comprehension skills and societal participation.

The program aims to reinforce the newly learned skills of FALP graduates, improve their literacy skills, and creating an opportunity for them to practice.

AÇEV also works on developing a web based literacy program to combat illiteracy in Turkey. This web based program targets to develop literacy skills of illiterate or newly literate young and adult population. The educational web site will be launched in 2011 summer.

AÇEV - Anne Çocuk Eğitim Vakfı

Aims, missions and goals

ACEV has dedicated itself to reaching those who have limited access to educational and economic resources. We at ACEV believe that:equal opportunity in education must be created for all individuals,education must begin in the early years and continue throughout the entire lifecycle, both children and their families need to be supported for lasting positive outcomes.

Structure of the institution

AÇEV has reached 640,000 individuals (plus 7,100 trainers) through its direct training programs to date all over Turkey, while millions of families have also benefited from AÇEV’s wider awareness raising, distance education and advocacy activities.

All programs are provided free of charge to under-resourced families who do not have access to other services

As AÇEV is a non governmental organization and funded by donors. AÇEV has signed many sponsorship agreements with many corporate partners and also receiving donations both from individual and corporate donors.

ACEV also colloborates with State departments especially with Ministry of National Education, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Social Services General Directorate in implementing educational activities.

Current lines of work

AÇEV currently:

  • develops, evaluates and implements intervention/education programs which empower the family.
  • implements early childhood education, parenting and literacy/women’s support programs using a variety of models and mediums (ranging from face-to-face training modules to distance education via TV and web-based sources).
  • delivers high quality trainer training and provides effective and systematic in-the-field support & supervision to trainers in order to maintain quality and consistency while scaling-up its programs.
  • trains and utilizes thousands of volunteers to expand its women’s lliteracy and empowerment programs.
  • partners with governmental agencies, local and international NGO’s and organizations, universities and private businesses, including most extensively with the Ministry of Education in order to expand its preschool and parenting programs.
  • works to increase societal awareness about the importance of early education and family literacy, girl’s education and make advocacy work to impact the educational policies.

Examples of achievements

AÇEV has received many prices both locally and internationally. Examples of some of AÇEV’s awards are:

  • WISE (The World Innovation Summit for Education) Award by Qatar Foundation in 2010 ;
  • Science, Education and Culture MEDays Prize by Institute Amadeus in 2008
  • King Sejong Literacy Award by UNESCO in 2006.


Since Academic background is very important for AÇEV, AÇEV has given importance to the academic research and has many publications, for further information please refer to

See online : AÇEV - Anne Çocuk Eğitim Vakfı

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